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Learn About the Gelato Marijuana Strain

With marijuana being a hot topic and getting legalized in many areas in the world, knowing a few tips may ease your marijuana experience. There are many reasons why one may want to use marijuana, and they include being used as pain medication and other purely recreational purposes. Whatever your reasons are, there is something you should know. There is a marijuana strain called gelato that you should try if you haven’t already. It is a cross between some equally potent strains so you can imagine what it is like. The good news is, you can use it for recreational purposes as well as medicinal purposes. It is also a good one for those having mood disorders, and it works wonders.

Gelato strain is a hybrid of both the indica and the sativa strain. The indica strain is the go-to strain for providing deep body relaxation and sativa is for those seeking an energizing experience. However, gelato is a mixture of both of them giving you the perfect hybrid experience. This means that it gives both a euphoric experience and relaxation. It is also perfect for use as it lightens your mood but does not distract you from whatever you are doing. The appearance of the strain is very appealing and could make someone buying without even knowing what it is. It has orange pistils which stand out beautifully against green leaves that have some shades of purple.

Another thing that makes gelato stand out from other strains is the amount of THC that it contains. The THC levels are very high and are mostly between twenty to twenty-six percent. The THC content is such an important factor because it generally dictates the amount of the flower to be consumed before you feel any effects, marijuana with low THC content will require you to intake a lot of it before you feel the effects. This is not the case with gelato as you only need a bit of the flower to feel the effects that will last a while. Anyone who is trying this strain for the first time should proceed with caution because the effects may take them by surprise with how fast they kick in. The high THC also makes it very suitable for medicinal purposes. Some of you may have recognized the name gelato from a very popular type of ice cream dessert. It is no coincidence that they share the name. The name is not the only thing they share because their tastes are also very similar. This makes it more popular among recreational users.

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